Erin has been walking my Akita Shepherd mix for about six months now and I couldn't be happier. She is reliable and really connects with your pet. My boy is a little bit of a handful and doesn't always get along with other dogs but Erin and her dog Audrey have been socializing him to the point where I can now bring him around my friends' dogs with little fanfare. I've also used her pet sitting services while on vacation and she gave me peace of mind by sending dog pics frequently. She was also quite a lifesaver after I had to book him with her last minute due to vacation plans that were not as pet friendly as promised. Great service!

- H.C.

Erin is a wonderful pet sitter. She is reliable, professional, prompt, courteous and really loves pets. She (and her pup, Audrey) take our pup (Mollie) for play and walks twice a week. She has a way with animals as she has our dog doing commands better than we often can. Mollie is always thrilled to see her so we can tell she is kind and loving to our dog. We highly recommend her.

- Theresa L. 

Erin is AMAZING! Where do I begin?! Erin has been dog sitting my dog Maggie for a couple months now. Erin is very professional, punctual, and most importantly she is great with communication. Erin has very reasonable pricing for her hard work ethic. She is most concerned for the pet's well being. I'm so happy to trust Erin with my fur baby and with my apartment. My husband and I both work full time jobs so Erin eases our anxieties of having to leave our dog alone for too many hours. Erin is very flexible and has always been able to meet our needs and my pet's needs. I would definitely recommend Erin to any pet owner. Thank you Erin for all you do! I'm happy to continue having you care for my fur baby! ❤

- Debora D.

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Erin took such good care of our 'Doodle, Riley! He got to play, snuggle, go on walks, even a picnic...he was her number one concern. Our home was left immaculate. We so enjoyed the daily updates and pictures as we missed our fur-baby...not too sure he missed us as much under Erin's care...I'm sure he had a great time. Would recommend her highly, and will definitely be booking her services again!

- Debi R.

Erin did a wonderful job with my two dogs. They’re really big dogs who are a lot to handle, and it was clear she was able to put them at ease with clear leadership as well as well-timed affection. She is obviously knowledgeable about dog care and training. She was also super responsive to messages, very on top of things, and communicated with me throughout her drop-ins. She sent pictures, played with the dogs, and generally made me feel very at ease leaving them with her. I would highly, highly recommend her! Very glad to have found her and will definitely use her in the future if we go away again!

- Carrie H

Erin did a great job. The dog enjoyed having her as their sitter and she worked with them on their manners as well. I would recommend her to anyone and will use her again to watch the dogs.

- Daniel E.

I've worked with Erin for over a year and she is amazing with dogs! She is very caring and knows how to train/ care for all types of dogs. She is also very true to her word and will never go back on any agreements she makes. I definitely recommend her for dog sitting and walking as she is a very active person.

- Malcolm M.

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