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                                   I worked at a pet store for a few years helping with the dog trainers and groomers, and transitioned to a dog sitting company for a few more years, gaining experience with pets, before turning my pet passion into my own business!
 I established Sunshine Pet Services in 2019.

I'm Erin,

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Meet & greet 
availability calendar 

updated 24/7 

Calendar reflects availability for meet and greets only; availability for stays is not reflected in this calendar. 


Before a meet and greet starts, all dogs and cats are required to be up to date on vaccinations, and have flea/ tick preventatives in place. 

The process

Meet and Greet

During this meeting, we discuss the details of how we can best serve you and your pet(s). We will talk about days/times of pet and house care related needs. 

before your stay

After starting a group chat, we will check in with one another to refresh on anything missed,  and exchange any necessary keys not already exchanged.  Usually done between 1-7 days before stay. 

day of stay

Arriving at the day and time discussed, we will let the client(s) know when we arrive, and inform them how the pets and home are doing (usually with cute pet photos)! 

We love to check in with client(s) by keeping in contact throughout the entire stay. Picture and possibly video updates are sent as often as requested (though we usually send more). 

during the stay

With a quick wrap-up text and photo of the adorable pets, we arrange how is best to return keys and make sure the client is safe back home with their loved ones. This is a great time to leave a review on Google! 

end of stay

Book meet & Greet 


Our response to covid-19

As this pandemic has pushed us all inside, we understand the need for pet parents still requiring their dogs to have exercise. We will remain open to care for any pets that need walks, training, or boarding care. House sitting at a client’s home will be dependent upon the pet(s) and client's needs discussed during our meet and greet. These services are strictly dependent upon the pet(s) and their training/ behavior.

As soon as we are on your property, masks may be worn to ensure both our safety. While there, we may: use sanitizing wipes, wash hands upon entry, and any other safety measures that are requested while caring for your fur babies. If extra precautions are requested, we will accommodate to the best of our ability.

Our priority is the well being of any and all pets; with the health of our clients in mind, our defense against this virus includes mandatory sanitizing before and after interacting with your pet(s), and allowing a safe six foot distance as desired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We look forward to safely taking care of your pets with loving, but clean, arms! 

every pet is family

Professionally licensed and insured 

professional dog and pet care

salem, keizer, and surrounding areas


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