Prices depend on the time spent with the pets and also on the amount of pets cared for in the home. Stays in sitter’s home vary on animal and will be discussed during meet and greet. Any other type of pet in need of care will be further discussed in detail during the meet and greet.

Stays include:
-Giving pet(s) oral medication
-Collecting/ disposing of feces
-Cleaning up accidents made by pets
-Clean up of sitter after stay is complete
-Gathering mail during longer stays (or as requested)
-General “manners” training while in sitter’s care
(No darting through doors, sitting to wait for food, actively using the word “stay” and sit)

*If stays are 10-14 miles out from sitter’s office, a $15 charge is included for gas spent.
*If stays are 15-20 miles out from sitter’s office, a $30 charge is included for gas spent.

General Pricing Guide


(30-45 min)

Cost per pet in home needing care. Sitter stops by client’s home for 30-45 minutes to feed pet(s) freshen their water, take them on walks if requested or other exercise/ play time, and allow potty breaks while owner is away.

*Buy one get one half off for same day (dogs only) 



Short day pet care (1-4 hours)

Cost per animal for a short get-away. Potty breaks, meal time, freshens water, and playtime while owner is away.


Half day pet care (4-8 hours)

Pet care per one pet in home (dog, cat, etc.). during the average work day. Exercises animal in home with playtime, or on walks when requested, gives potty breaks, and feeds during meal time.


Full day
(8-12 hours)

Cost per pet in home. Pet is taken care of in client’s home, (or sitter’s home dependable upon meet and greet), cleans up after herself, cleans up after pet, exercises pet, and feeds during meal time.  


Overnight stay
(12-24 hours)

Cost per pet in home being cared for. For when the client needs the sitter to stay overnight in the home to watch the pet(s). Can add onto other type of stay until owner returns home.  

Low Maintenance Pets


For a flat rate of $20 a day, we can check on your fish, reptiles, weasels, birds, rodents, hamsters and small animals similar, or other low maintenance animals not listed. Any and all pets for a flat rate.

For clients without dogs or cats. 

15-30 minute drop-in to check on pet(s), freshen food/ water, picking up fallen habitat furniture, checking lights/ heating fixtures, also handling of pet and treats if requested. 
Cage cleaning options available for all except fish. Prices vary upon cleanliness and depth of cleaning, negotiable upon meet and greet.

Multi Pet 

Do you have two pets of the same species? The price will cut in half for every pet in need of care for any stay.

Three? Price will cut in half for the second, and again for the third.

*Example: Overnight stays are $59. The second pet would be $29.50. Third would be $14.75 and so on. 

Added cat care

$10/ cat/ day

In addition to full care of dog in home. If there is a cat only home, costs will be in full. (*See “General Pricing Sheet” for more)

$3/ brushing per cat/ day

$8 litter box cleaning for full empty and wipe down

Dog Grooming

$4 /dog/ day

Plant Care

$5/ day

Watering of lawn, and all flowers in and outside home. 

$14 Bath /dog /day

Per dog/ per day (See Laundry column for towel washing, unless towels do not need to be washed)



Laundry not used during stay, sitter will keep in contact with owner about anything extra during stay. 

Household Cleaning


Chores being done making the home cleaner than owner left it.

-Sweeping/ mopping/ vacuuming
-Anything else requested, discussed during meet and greet 

Simple Training


30 minute sessions with client to help teach dog manners such as:

-Sit/ lay down
-Sit up pretty
-Leave it
-Stay (until released)
-Wait (for food or by door)
-Potty training

Homemade Food


Client’s own human grade food hand prepared for one or more pets in home.

e.g.: Meat, vegetables, fruit, etc.

*Menu available upon request 

Holiday Rate


An additional $6 flat rate will be applied during any national holiday(s) stay overlaps on.  

Trying to find the perfect gift for your favorite pet owner? We offer gift certificates towards any combination of services offered. Certificates dropped off in exchange for the payment at no extra charge.

10% new client rate applies to new clients who use the certificate. The purchase of a certificate grants you, the buyer, a special coupon of your choice to use for upcoming stays. 

Forms of payment include: Cash and Venmo. Card transactions require a 3% convenience fee. No checks please, thank you for your understanding. 

Extra Services Offered


10% off new clients 

Any new client to Sunshine Pet Services receives ten percent off their first booked stay.
After two weeks, client may start a personalized prepaid package. 

Prepaid personalized packages 

10% off prepaid stays. No matter the schedule, your pet(s) could have one drop-in a day every work day, or two 30 minute walks twice a week.
 This is the most cost-effective way to get the care your pet needs.

 After a two-week trial period, client may start a 1-4-week advance payment schedule and receive 10% off total cost.

How it's done:

Military discounts

During time spent away from pet(s) at drill, client can pay 6-12 months in advance with 20% off total cost.  

Receive 10% off all stays with Sunshine Pet Services, as well as 15% off first booked stay. Personalized packages for veterans increase from 10% to 15% savings.  

active duty: 


gift certificates

discounts cannot be combined, client will receive best discount AVAILABLE

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