welcome to my page! Although this business is still new, time spent around pets is not. I worked at a pet store for almost two years starting in 2015. Since then, I have been gaining experience and knowledge through dog sitting and training through Rover, and my business. I have learned many valuable things, such as potty training, which I can successfully accomplish in about a week! Will help encourage manners in all pups I watch; for example, not darting through open doors, sitting politely waiting for food to be prepared, etc. I currently have an adorable puppy, mix of Golden, Lab, and Shepard, named Audrey. She is almost complete with her CGC training and will be successfully passing her test soon! She gets along with dogs, cats, small animals, children, and all adults she has come into contact with. The smartest, most calm dog I have ever had. 

My name is Erin,

     There have always been dogs in my life, from Shih Tzus and Boxers, to Labs and Heelers. I love to help train, and encourage positive behavior. My adopted pup, Audrey, was potty trained in three days and understands over thirty commands, tricks and manners training combined.  She gets along with every animal and person she has interacted with and would love to meet your fur baby and exercise with them! Big dogs are my favorite, I am not nervous around any breed! I do not believe in stereotypes relating to “aggressive breeds” and would love to learn about their lifestyle.
     What about cats? Another furry, cuddly animal! I have lived with cats in the home before and would enjoy lounging with yours, or playing with them as well. I am very accommodating to other animals as well, I own three Corn Snakes and a Leopard Gecko. All animals deserve love and attention. On several occasions throughout my life, I have had mice as pets, and also had a Cockatiel for most of my childhood. I have house sat for clients with chickens, and have experience cleaning pens/ cages and mixing up human grade food for the pet. 

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From dogs, to reptiles, to birds, I can care for any and all critters in and outside the home. I look forward to meeting all members of your family!

every pet is family

Professionally licensed and insured 

professional dog and pet care

salem, keizer, and surrounding areas